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Why Naeterra Aromatherapy Cleaning Concentrate?

Our mission is to innovate the best Eco-responsible products on the market that provide better value and perform as well or better than leading conventional synthetic ridden multi national brands.



Naeterra is a company that strives to formulate naturally non-toxic plant based CLEAN products that are effective while meeting high standards for environmental and human safety. Conventional products can leave behind a path of toxins and noxious odors that can be more dangerous than the dirt, oil and grime that they’re meant to remove. We believe in leaving behind a clean home that does not compromise the health of you or your family. Our goal is to add joy to your cleaning routine with products that are designed to clean impeccably and leave your home smelling lovely!



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At Naeterra we are dedicated to providing premium useful household products that are effective yet safer for your health and home.  Our foundation rests firmly on providing exceptional value to mindful consumers and absolute truthfulness in our ingredients.

Our products have nothing to hide. You will never find harmful or questionable ingredients in any of our products. We use naturally derived components to create our products, always have and always will. Our ingredient lists are short, honest, effective and especially Family and Earth friendly.

We are not a multi-national conglomerate only interested in the bottom line nor are we a pyramid scheme where we will ask you to sell and recruit your friends and family to sell our product. Our products sell themselves, try some today, we guarantee you will be satisfied or your money back.