About Naeterra


All Naeterra products are made in small batches in the USA. All are non-toxic, guaranteed effective, with plant-based ingredients and are 100% free of any harsh synthetic chemicals. Naeterra products are safe to use around kids & pets and are natural enough to break down safely in the environment and packaged in recyclable/re-usable packaging.

Naeterra products are essential for cleaning everything from showers and sinks to floors and doors. Discover how you can clean without synthetic chemicals and cut down on plastic waste all while saving money, time and storage space.

Have you had enough chemically laden household products that turn your home into a toxic dumping ground while compromising the health and well-being of you and your family? Make the pledge to rid your home of harmful cleaning products today! Ready for a cleaner & greener home? Say hello to Naeterra & kiss the harmful chemicals goodbye!

We encourage you to compare our ingredients to similar products and see for yourself why Naeterra is the right choice for a helping provide simple solutions for a Cleaner + Greener Home!