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Atomic Orange Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Concentrate Complete Kit for Dogs - Includes UV light for Detecting Dried Dog Urine, Quality 24 oz Sprayer, Micro Fiber Clean UpTowel, Funnel - Makes four 24 oz refills

Naeterra Aromatherapy Cleaning Concentrates

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Atomic Orange is a powerful dog mess bio-enzyme solution that completely cleans and eliminates stains and stink from dog vomit, pee and poop messes on most all washable surfaces, including carpets, upholstery, clothing, and more. It is formulated with a blend of BILLIONS of natural active incapsulated bio enzymes that work to break down and eliminate tough dog mess stains and odors at the source. To use Atomic Orange, simply spray the affected area and allow the hungry enzymes to work their magic. The cleaner is effective and safe when used as directed on dog (old or new) urine, feces and vomit accidents One of the key benefits of Atomic Orange is that it is not a heavy perfume that temporarily masks pet odors and stains like many other cleaners on the market. Instead, it attacks and digests odor causing stains at a molecular level, leaving your surfaces clean and fresh and clean without leaving an overpowering smell. This 16 oz bottle of concentrate makes up to four 24 oz refills in the provided high quality sprayer. Great for puppy training, elderly dog mess clean-up and everyday accident removal. Get it at the source with Atomic Orange -- this stuff really works!